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Does Phentermine Work Better With Lemon Juice?

No, despite anecdotal evidence, there is no actual scientific proof that phentermine works better with lemon juice. 

Some people claim that taking or combining phentermine with lemon juice helps it work better. These accounts may have come about due to the positive effects of vitamin C for weight loss in general and for phentermine, specifically.

Losing weight is always a challenge — no matter what your starting weight may be. For some people, simply eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise is not enough to help them lose weight. 

That’s when weight loss medications can be introduced to help support your efforts. One of these weight-loss drugs is phentermine. When used carefully and with proper diet and exercise, phentermine can significantly boost your weight loss efforts.

Despite this,  people still look for ways to enhance the benefits that phentermine offers. 


What Is Phentermine?

Before diving deep into whether phentermine works better with lemon juice, we first need a better understanding of phentermine.

Phentermine is an FDA-approved, prescription-only weight loss medication. Doctors primarily prescribe it to help individuals who are overweight or obese. It is commonly acknowledged as one of the most effective weight loss drugs currently available.

Clinical trials in the U.S. have shown that a regular intake of 37.5mg of phentermine for three months can help reduce over 10% of a person’s baseline or original body weight. Aside from losing weight, findings also show a notable reduction in the person’s waist circumference as well as cholesterol levels.

Phentermine is classified as an anorectic or as an appetite suppressant. This is why the drug primarily works by making your body feel less hungry or feel full longer. 

It does so by stimulating the central nervous system to release neurotransmitters, specifically norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. These are also known as the chemical messengers between our brain and body.

The more of these neurotransmitters are in your body, the less hunger you feel.


How To Make Phentermine Work Better 

There are several ways you can improve or intensify the effects of phentermine, many of which are proven and may even be recommended to do. At the same time, many unsubstantiated or unproven rumors do not actually do anything to make phentermine work better. 

If you want to boost the effects of phentermine, it is better to do any of the following:

Lemon Water and Digestion

Does Lemon Juice Affect Digestion? 

Yes, lemon juice can positively affect digestion. Since lemon is an acid, it can help break down food. Lemon peel and pulp also contains pectin, a soluble fiber which helps promote the production of digestive liver enzymes. This helps your body eliminate waste more effectively. 

The pectin in lemons also helps make you feel fuller for longer. Moreover, eating lemon, as well as other low-density yet fiber-rich foods, is linked to lower body weight and fat. 

Although lemon juice is not proven to help phentermine specifically, consuming it can still aid in losing weight and improving your health in general. Lemon juice — especially when added to water — is also a good alternative to morning coffee in terms of caloric intake.

It can also serve as your additional source of vitamin C, together with supplements.


Final Thoughts

In short, while there is no scientific evidence that shows taking phentermine with lemon juice will increase the absorption of the drug, lemon juice may still help with your overall weight loss efforts. The digestive improvement that lemon juice provides can help you feel full and digest food better, effectively helping you lose weight.

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