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Biotin Injections

Weightwise Weight Loss Centers is a trusted provider of biotin injections. Biotin, also known as B7 or vitamin H, is a naturally occurring substance in the body that plays a vital role in many functions. 

It helps to support a healthy immune system, in addition to improving the protein that makes up hair, skin, and nails. Biotin is a popular aesthetic treatment option for people with hair loss and thinning hair. It’s also used as an effective treatment for strengthening the overall health of skin and nails.

At Weightwise Weight Loss Centers, our trained and experienced staff are able to provide regular biotin injections at our holistic clinics.

Biotin injections can help you to stay healthy as you age and maintain the looks that you want. If you are interested in biotin injections, get in touch to find out more about how we can help.

Biotin Injections

What Are Biotin Injections?

Biotin is an essential vitamin used to create keratin. Keratin is a crucial building block that helps to support healthy skin, hair, and nails, as well as the functioning of the nervous system. 

Found in many food sources such as nuts, egg yokes, and fish, most people get enough biotin in their diets to support healthy body function.

However, those suffering from Biotinidase deficiency are not able to properly absorb this vitamin, leading to a deficiency.

This deficiency can lead to a host of nasty symptoms, such as; skin rashes, hair loss and brittle nails

Additionally, as a water-soluble vitamin, it isn’t stored in the body easily. This means that oral supplementation of biotin is not usually effective at curbing these issues. 

Therefore, many people turn to biotin injections to combat biotin deficiency. 

These injections are given intramuscularly and are specifically used to treat hair loss and thinning. 

They have been shown to promote greater hair thickness, growth, and structure to help slow thinning and provide people with a healthier head of hair.

Biotin Injections Hair Growth

Do Biotin Injections Help Hair Growth?

Yes, biotin injections can help grow your hair and prevent further hair loss.

One study published in The Journal of Dermatologic Therapy found that after a 6-week regimen of biotin injections, “hair fall count and total hair density significantly improved” showing that biotin injections are effective and safe in people with “diffused pattern hair loss”.

Additionally, another study found that 38% of women experiencing hair loss had a biotin deficiency, suggesting that a lack of biotin could be a significant factor in hair loss.

People who have a biotin deficiency, in particular, can benefit from having regular supplements if they want to improve their hair growth. 

Biotin injections can help to meet the body’s need for biotin to support healthy hair, as well as various other functions in the body.

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How Often Should I Get Biotin Injections?

When you choose biotin injections, you will generally have an initial course of shots, followed by maintenance injections. 

It’s recommended that you have one to two shots per week for anywhere from four weeks to three months to ensure the biotin is as effective as possible. After having an initial course of shots, a maintenance dose every three to six months will help to keep your biotin levels balanced.

How Long Do Biotin Injections Last?

Biotin injections should be experienced on a regular basis to ensure a steady supply of biotin. How long they last will depend on the dosage, as well as the purpose they are being used for.

Generally, biotin shots can last for a number of weeks or even months. It’s generally recommended that you have an initial course of biotin injections before continuing with maintenance shots on a less frequent basis. People using biotin injections for skin and nail health may need to have them less often.

Biotin Injections vs Pills

Are Biotin Shots Better Than Pills?

Biotin shots are generally more effective than pills. While it is possible to obtain biotin through diet and oral supplements, some individuals may require higher doses of the vitamin for therapeutic purposes.

Research has shown that biotin injections generally have a higher absorption rate than oral supplementation. This is because when biotin is taken orally, it must pass through the digestive system and liver before it can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

During this process, a significant amount of the vitamin can be lost or degraded, resulting in a lower bioavailability.

Biotin Injections Benefits

The Benefits of Biotin Injections

Biotin injections have a host of incredible benefits, making them the perfect addition to your health and beauty routine. Their multiple benefits can help you to boost your health and happiness.

Some of the main benefits of biotin injections include:


By having regular biotin injections, you can benefit from all of these potential advantages that improved biotin levels offer you. Biotin injections are especially popular for anyone dealing with hair thinning and hair loss who wants to promote healthier growth of their hair.

Biotin Hair Thinning

Does Biotin Reverse Hair Thinning?

If you have already experienced hair thinning, you might consider biotin injections as a way to reverse the effects. A study of people with temporary hair loss showed that biotin supplements could improve hair growth after 90 days. Another study suggested that biotin was beneficial for people who experience hair loss or thinning due to an underlying medical condition.

Regular biotin injections could help to reverse hair thinning and restore a full head of healthy hair. It’s especially effective for anyone who may have a biotin deficiency or other medical conditions that could cause hair loss. To learn more about how biotin injections can help with hair thinning and strengthen hair growth and thickness, get in touch.

How Much Are Biotin Shots?

The cost of biotin injections can vary, depending on the dosage and how often you have them. On average, you can find that biotin shots cost between $30 to $50 per shot. Some providers may offer lower prices when you purchase a course of injections that extends over several months. Schedule a consultation to find out more about our biotin injection treatments and the prices of our services.

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